Why Tugutuke! Exists

Why does Tugutuke! exist? What do we plan to achieve? And other FAQs will be answered right here.

Mbona Tugutuke!

Below are the who, why, and where of Tugutuke!'s existence.


To address the frustrations of a dejected citizenry

A people hard pressed from all sides by issues such as unemployement, a rising national debt, and social inequality to name but a few has lost all hope in any meaningful change to their state and leadership through the ballot, resulting in voter apathy as we approach the 2022 National Elections.

To challenge a leadership that is neither accountable nor transparent

Our democratically elected representatives have not pursued the well-being of the citizens but have opted instead to ‘eat’ and discharge their duties without any form of accountability or transparency to those who put them there in the first place.

To restore power back to the people

The Tugutuke! Movement proposes that we elect into office only political candidates who have publicly signed a legally binding pledge to be answerable and accountable to the electorate, and to execute their mandate with transparency and integrity. Click here to view a list of aspirants who currently have or have had integrity issues (source: Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission).

Frequently Asked Questions

We would love to help you understand Tugutuke! Movement better by answering frequently asked questions

What is Tugutuke’s! end goal ?

To restore power back to the people by helping them put into leadership leaders who are accountable and carry out their duties in transparency

Can I join and maintain membership in a political party ?
How much do I need to register as a Kuwajibika candidate ?
How can we force unethical leaders out of office ?
Do you have offices we can visit ?
Does Tugutuke! offer financial support to their candidates ?

Our History

Established 2021.

Tugutuke! Movement was started in November 2021, by a couple of young concerned Kenyans and was initially called ‘The Java Party’, but to avoid any confusion with the political party called ‘Java Party’ it was aptly renamed ‘The Tugutuke! Movement’.

The movement consists of members, and a council and aims at having an impact on the National elections of 2022 by getting around 1,000 kuwajibika candidates thereby influencing legislation at both the county and National level.